I'm Fabiane


photographer & lover of life 

More than my love for photography is my love for people. My desire to see others thrive is one of the reasons photographing for a living is so rewarding. The images I create are not for me. They are in service to the beautiful people I have the privilege of working with.

months of travel

My husband and I spent a few months technically home-less, traveling different parts of the world. It wasn't as glamorous as it sounds, but it was a season of life we were both excited about and thankful for. We're back in New Jersey and sticking around for a while. At least that's the plan for now ;)

seeing and living life in new light

what to know about me

what to know about me


Speaking of my husband, it should be noted that he's my absolute favorite person. He challenges me, encourages me, supports me, and loves me like no one can. We definitely don't have the perfect marriage, but we are perfecting it day by day. It's my favorite life adventure.




I love the way  Andy Stanley puts it: "following Jesus will make your life better and make you better at life." I'm learning everyday that this is true for me and it's another one my life's greatest adventures. It doesn't mean it has to be true for you, though. We can still be friends and eat dinner together. Did I mention I love food?

'bout it

what to know about me

oh, i love food

Sharing a meal together with the people I love is one of my favorite activities. Although I tend to gravitate towards similar style meals and consider myself to be a *bit* picky, the experience of gathering at a table with great conversation makes (almost) anything delicious.

especially when i eat with friends & family


the "why" behind it all

I've always loved helping others. It is an honor whenever I make even a small contribution in making someone smile. Being my own boss has granted me the freedom and immense privilege of helping tell stories for a living. I created my business after college with some pretty big dreams. My desire to serve others to the best of my ability is deeply rooted in the foundation of Fabiane Photography. My goal is to serve others with creativity, excellence, humility, and love. So grateful you took the time to stop by.