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May 22, 2015

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The Sunday before Mother’s day, this beautiful family surprised their momma with a surprise family photo shoot in Central Park. They kept the secret from her successfully and her face was seriously priceless! Walking around the park with them was a treat for me because I could truly feel their joy and love for each other. Of course, no family is perfect, but this one is very special. 

Lunalva (the beautiful momma) expressed her desire to go on a horse carriage ride. She told me this was her dream for so many years and she had never been able to fulfill it –until the Sunday before mother’s day! We walked around the park just before sunset hit and found a carriage just for her! She could not stop smiling! It was so beautiful. I couldn’t tell who was more excited — Lunalva, for finally being able to fulfill a true dream, or her husband and children, for being able to witness and cheer her on! I was overjoyed for her and couldn’t contain my own excitement. 

Everyone has dreams and goals, big and small. Going on a horse carriage ride was something Lunalva truly wanted to experience, and through the love and dedication of her husband and children, she was finally able to! I get so excited just thinking about it. Family — whether by blood, marriage, friendship — is so beautiful.  We are all imperfect people, which means we make up imperfect families, but when people can come together and love on each other like the Almeida’s do, life is just better. 

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Looking through these pictures is such a great reminder for me to appreciate every moment I have with my own family. None of us will be here forever, so we really shouldn’t take any second for granted. Of course, it’s hard to think like that all the time, but I’m so thankful for the opportunities that I am reminded.


  1. Stacy Almeida Valdez says:

    This warmed my heart <3 Thank you for capturing these moments and the essence of our family which is unconditional love! xoxo

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