The Olives | Love in Chicago | Part One

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Nov 24, 2014

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About a month ago, I spent my favorite weekend of 2014 in the beautiful city of Chicago with some of the most amazing people. Tiffany and G moved from New Jersey to Chicago a little over three years ago, just a couple of weeks after they got married. They left their families, friends, and the life that they were used to and set out to start a new life together in a brand new city. This city, their home, is where they learned to live as one, learned to love one another in the deepest and truest form, and learned more about themselves than ever before. 

Now, in less than a month, they will be continuing their journey as husband and wife and moving across the country to CALIFORNIA!! Even though they are so excited for the new start, it won’t be easy leaving this home. Chicago is very special to them! We spent the weekend walking around, visiting some interesting places, and enjoying the company of life-long friends. 

Tiffany and G, I love you both so much! I’m so thankful for our friendship, that crosses state borders and time zones, and so inspired by your love. 



  1. jess says:

    love love love!
    great couple and the most talented photographer ever

  2. Tiffany Paschoal Oliveira says:

    Friend for life turned photographer for life! We are so in love with our photos. Endless thank you’s will never be enough! You’re the best fabz!

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