May 31, 2014

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These girls are such a huge part of my life. We don’t all live in the same state (and at this very moment we’re not even all in the same continent! ) but we love to spend time together—even if  sometimes it feels like it’s once a year. We, MJAFT, decided to take a trip to the city. In reality, we wanted to take a trip to The Dry Bar (which happens to be the BEST place to get your hair blown out), but since it happens to be in NYC, we made it a field trip. The M in MJAFT is Michelle. Technically, there used to never be an M at all. haha. Michelle is the “T’s” little sister, but has become so much more than that. She is a true friend and a BLESSING in my life.  J is for Jess. She’s the one in a different continent. She’ll be spending the next three months in Mozambique (South Africa). Her heart is of gold. She loves others and will go where Love calls her. Angie, or A, is the pregnant one!! You can’t really tell here (besides the picture where everyone is pointing to her belly) but it’s true! She’s carrying a human being!! We are extremely excited for her. You can read more about her pregnancy and life adventure here. I’m the “F” of the group. I’m sure you figured that one out 😉 T is for our diva, Tiff. She’s so fabulous. She lives in Chicago with her husband, G, but, maybe (hopefully) soon they’ll be west coast livin’. Tiff is a phenomenal blogger and takes amazing pictures. See/read more here


We had a blast! We spent hours in the city, walking around, hiding from the rain, window shopping, and of course–getting our hair done. It’s so much fun being a girl! This was our last outing together before a) Tiff comes back to Jersey b)Jess returns from Africa and c) Angie’s baby is born!! It’s crazy to think about all the changes that are happening over the next couple of months. I’m so thankful for it all.

When we got back to NJ, we had an impromptu photo session and you’ll see that we don’t take ourselves too seriously 😉 


M,J,A,T — i love you. thank you for the years of friendship & good times. looking forward to the many years ahead. 

  1. Kezia says:

    This is adorable!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!
    "… there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24b

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