Jenn & Bruno // Engagement Session


Apr 13, 2014

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First things first..welcome to my new virtual home! I’m so excited about this new place and am getting myself acquainted with it pretty well. It is a pleasure to have you here and I do hope you enjoy. 🙂


Last week, I had the immense privilege of spending a couple of hours with Jenn and Bruno. They’ve been together for over a year and are getting married at the end of May. We spent some time talking about their proposal story (which involves two Bruno’s at the same restaurant proposing at side by side tables!!) and I laughed so hard. Bruno was very strategic about how he would propose and wanted it to be 100% unexpected. Jenn really had no idea! She saw the other Bruno at the nearby table get down on one knee, but little did she know her Bruno would ask her to be his wife just moments after. Their story is one of patience and faith and trust. Their love is sweet and joyful and it transpires beyond just the two of them. They consistently pour love to those around them and it is very admirable. 


Jenn and Bruno, what an honor it was to capture glimpses of your love and affection for each other. You two are hilarious and so much fun to be around! 


The following are the raw and honest moments between Jenn and Bruno captured on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. 

  1. Jessica Almeida says:

    You’re amazing Fabz! You truly capture the best moments

  2. Tiffany Oliveira says:

    FABZ! What a gorgeous new site & amazing shoot! You captured the light & their love perfectly! So so proud of you girl!!!

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